intensive courses in JULY

The McDonnell Summer Intensive Courses have been going for more than 35 years. Our experienced native teachers will make sure your course is both useful and fun.  We have groups for teenagers and groups for adults.

  • Courses are for 22, 20 day or 10 days.
  • Maximum 6 students per group
  • Two native teachers per group
  • 2 hours a day - mornings or evenings
  • Preparation Cambridge exams

Ring 945 233341 or 665 722 553 for more information. Or email us at

Summer One-to-One "bonos"



The summer "bonos" offer great value one-to-one classes which you can take in July, August or September. You can buy vouchers for five, ten or twenty classes with discounts of up to 25%!

The "bonos" cost 135€, 260€ or 460€ and you can do the classes online or in the classroom in Manuel Iradier 3


Los bonos de verano ofrecen clases individuales con un óptimo aprovechamiento durante los meses de Julio, Agosto y Septiembre. Se pueden comprar bonos de cinco, diez o veinte clases con un descuento de hasta el 25%.


Call 945 233341 or 665 722 556 for more information or email us at