Here comes this summer!

July Intensive courses

The best way to improve your English in summer.

2 hour intensive courses for 10, 18 (until 24th July) or 22 days

Summer One-to-One "bonos"



The summer "bonos" offer great value one-to-one classes which you can take in July, August or September. You can buy vouchers for five, ten or twenty classes with discounts of up to 25%!

The "bonos" cost 135€, 260€ or 460€


Los bonos de verano ofrecen clases individuales con un óptimo aprovechamiento durante los meses de Julio, Agosto y Septiembre. Se pueden comprar bonos de cinco, diez o veinte clases con un descuento de hasta el 25%.


Call 945 233341 or 665 722 553 for more information or email us at