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September Intensives 2021

Entendéis in ten days or five days or in fifteen days.

Intensives from 1st July. 22, 20 or 10 days. Two hours a day

Maximum 6 students. Prices from 155€

We are back in the classroom! Since the beginning of June we have been offering one to one classes and small groups in our academy in Manuel Iradier 3. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned regularly and face masks and hand gel are available. Click here for more information

Summer One-to-One "bonos"

The summer "bonos" offer great value one-to-one classes which you can take in July, August or September. You can buy vouchers for five, ten or twenty classes with discounts of up to 25%!

The "bonos" cost 140€, 260€ or 460€


Los bonos de verano ofrecen clases individuales con un óptimo aprovechamiento durante los meses de Julio, Agosto y Septiembre. Se pueden comprar bonos de cinco, diez o veinte clases con un descuento de hasta el 25%.


Call 945 233341 or 665 72 05 76 for more information or email us at

The McDonnell Mini Intensive

From 3rd -16th July

B1 Intermediate level.

Price 145€


Is this you? It could be.... in just 10 days.
The B1 student:Usario Independiente

El alumno es capaz de comprender los puntos principales de textos claros y en lengua estándar si tratan sobre cuestiones que le son conocidas, ya sea en situaciones de trabajo, de estudio o de ocio. Sabe desenvolverse en la mayor parte de las situaciones que pueden surgir durante un viaje por zonas donde se utiliza la lengua. 



Aquellos Maravillosos Años - The Wonder Years


Time flies. In October 1985 Hombres G were top of the charts in Spain and inviting us to Venezia. In the UK David Bowie and Mick Jagger noticed that everyone was Dancing in the Street. A few months earlier Pedro Delgado had beaten the Scottish rider Robert Millar to win the Vuelta. A 20-year-old Miguel Indurain had held the yellow jersey for a couple of days at the beginning of the race. Barcelona were the first non-Basque team to win the Liga for four years but only with the help of another Scotsman who scored 15 goals. Spain was the European country with most smokers and mobile phones looked like the one on the left. People learning English in Spain were taught to say: be, was, been, do, did, done, drive, drove, driven but little else except maybe “My tailor is rich”.


Then McDonnell opened Manuel Iradier and started encouraging students to learn English through a communicative method, using role plays, dialogues, interviews and realistic listening exercises. Helping people to feel confident and use the practical vocabulary and structures they had learned.


Nowadays, Venice is sinking, Mick Jagger is a pensioner, Robert Millar is a woman called Philippa and no living Scottish player is good enough to play for Barcelona. Young people in Vitoria are more likely to be listening to El tol sarmiento or Pharrel Williams. Spain has dropped to 19th in the World ranking of the most smokers and mobile phones have got a lot smaller.


 However during all this time McDonnell has kept the same philosophy. We have more modern materials and our teachers are better trained but the idea is still the same – to help you to learn to speak more fluently, confidently and to motivate you to keep on learning and improving.


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Joel Wins The Poster Competition

Once again Joel won the poster competition. Judge his effort and compare it with some great posters from the past.