One 2 One - Try your first one-to-one for just 19€

A few one-to-one classes can help improve your level in a short space of time. Maybe you have a job interview or an English exam? With one-to-one classes you can focus exactly on your needs and improve more quickly. Not got enough time to join a group? Do a one-to-one class whenever and how often you want. More information here



Las clases One to One de McDonnell te permiten aprender mucho más rápido que una clase en grupo. Te ayudaremos a mejorar tu inglés de forma completamente personalizada, con clases adaptadas a ti, enfocadas a tus necesidades y a la hora que te convenga
*oferta solo para tu primera clase one-to-one con McDonnell, Oferta válida del 18/1/2016 -28/2/2017


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