Let's go surfing now...

The internet and particularly the World Wide Web provide great tools with which to practice your English outside your class at McDonnell. Keep logging on to this page as we will regularly be updating it with new additions...

The BBC website is one of the most complete sites on the web. There is even a special area for English Language Learners

The British Council has an excellent free website with lots of activities and information to help you improve your English

Want to practise your listening? Ted talks - "ideas worth spreading" is a site with fascinating lectures about all kinds of things - many of them are available with subtitles in English or other languages. There really is some great stuff on this website.

Those of you who use the Oxford University Press English File Textbooks should know that there are lots of online material for each level of the course - click on the website and choose your level.

According to Macmillan, the dictionary publishers, all you need are 7,500 words to speak English without any problems. They are publishing them on Facebook - five words a day, categorised by their frequency of use. Check it out - it will only take you 4 years to learn them all!

YouTube of course is a great place to watch things in English. Far too many to list but here are a couple of links to funny sketches about English learning:


  1. An old joke on pronunciation used to advertise a language school
  2. Weird British sense of humour or a reflection on how bad the Brits are at languages?
  3. Here is a sketch about students learning English in the USA - bit difficult this one
  4. Maybe you saw the film - the Kings Speech - here is trailor from the American version