The new course begins. 2016-2017

May the course be with you!

We are busy getting everything ready for the new course. Don't miss out. Ring or email us to reserve your place for 2016-2017. We start on October 3rd.

Clases one-to-one

A few one-to-one classes can help improve your level before the academic course starts. Maybe you have a job interview or an English exam in September? With one-to-one classes you can focus exactly on your needs and improve more quickly. Not got enough time to join a group? Do a one-to-one class whenever and how often you want. More information here

The McDonnell Pub Quiz - is back!

The Pub Quiz started again last Wednesday 5th October and a good time was had by all. See you at the next one!

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month at the Man in the Moon from 20:30 for the McDonnell Pub Quiz. A great way to practice your English


Ven al Pub Quiz del Man in the Moon el primer miércoles de cada mes, una noche de trivial en un ambiente estupendo. Una manera muy divertida de practicar tu inglés




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